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    PETG Filament Printing Issues

    Hi All,

    New to the forum.

    I recently bought Cron PETG Filament. I have been printing with PLA with a lot of success.
    It's giving me a lot of issues. It prints the first 20-50% of the part, depending what the part size is and then the nozzle clogs...
    I attached a pic of the Benchy I tried printing

    Can someone please assist?

    My Setup
    Wanhao D9 Gen 3 with Direct Drive, E3D Volcano Hot end

    My Print Settings
    0.4 Nozzle(I have tried bigger nozzles, same issue)
    Layer Height 0.2mm
    Initial Layer Height 0.3mm
    Wall Thickness 0.8mm
    Top/Bottom 0.6
    Printing Temp 235(Have tried up to 250, same issue)
    Build Plate Temp 70
    Retraction 2mm(Is a direct drive)
    Retraction Speed 30mm/s
    Print Speed 40mm/s
    Top/Bottom Speed 20mm/s
    Cooling 50%

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    well your settings are nearly identical to mine, I print a bit faster (60mm/s) but then I print faster than most people anyway.

    245c is what I've ended up with. You get a little more stringing, but much better layer adhesion.

    Clogging is pretty weird.
    Benchies are a total waste of plastic, but I seem to be the only person on the planet who cares lol

    Hmm, have you tried printing something else - a simple cube or cylinder to see if you get the same issue at the same height ?

    And don't be afraid to hit it with a lot more heat - different manufacturers put different crap in their filaments.
    Joel he printing nerd hada couple spools of pla that he ended up printing at 240c recently.

    So try 255 or 260.

    But first print something sensible to check if it's a consistent problem regardless of the model.

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    I would never try to print a benchy with petg or anything else for that matter, it is a waste of plastic. yes I think so too!
    Print what you will be printing and learn what you need to learn to get those models to print properly.. When faced with a new material, I start out at 10 degrees above the manufacture bottom number in their heat range and go up from there if I have issues.
    Good luck!

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    given that the printbed on the d9 travels vertically and the printhead just does x&y there is no logical reason for problems at a certain height.

    It could be pid fluctuations - I had that very recently. And a firmware refresh sorted it out.

    But try different model first.

    Benchie haters of the world unite !

    Okay - what's wrong with benchies.
    1) you learn nothing that you cannot learn from ANY other print.
    2) no practical use, they are designed to go straight in the bin.
    3) see point 1 :-)

    Retraction and flow - are prettt much all that counts.
    If your retractions are right, then you do not get stringing. Print two small items a couple of inches or so apart.
    When no stringing between them - retractions settings are good.
    Temperture, print speed and cooling are responsible for material flow.
    Generally speaking, if you get the extraction settings right - the other three are near optimal anyway.
    Tweaks to temp and speed can be done until stringing starts back up.

    Anything else is down to the mechanical setup of the individual printer.

    So not only are benchies a complete waste of plastic - they don't actully tell you aything you can't learn from just printing something small you can use, or give away.
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