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    First printer / mower = X axis does not go up

    Good morning guys. This is my first 3D printer and I just put it together. I used the manual and resorted to editing videos for the activity. In the end, I used the commands to position the axes in their respective limit sensors, it worked. However, the Z+ axis doesn't go up on its own, from the center of the spindle it doesn't have any more 'force' to go up, it's like getting stuck. however if I move it manually and put it at about 60% of the maximum height of the spindle, it manages to go up. Any suggestions to regulate?thanks for listening!

    Sorry! In the title I put the X axis, but i'm talking about the Z+ axis.

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    Hi Your problem sounds like there is a mechanical miss alignment but You do not say what printer you have so it is very difficult to help.

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    Hi, sorry for delay in adding a point, so your Z axis is struggling?1. Is it a complete printer i.e. did you buy as a full set and put it together? - Just its apparent if you have compatible parts.2. have you tried slacking off/disconnecting the Z axis platform and/or hotend from the Z stepper motor - if you remove any connection/hold from the Z stepper motor then you can see if the Z axis moves freely or if it really tight, it should be loose enough to move freely but no be loose.3. Try removing weight/components from the Z axis to see if the stepper is able to wind both ways freely.Option 2 would be my start point.I had a frustrating time when I first got my printer, what with trying to level a bed that was warped "slightly" from new. Then working out correct temps for the Hotend and the bed.Then thinking that if I bought a glass bed to aid the flatness only to have a mare levelling it up.This followed by frustration of nothing adhering to it, until I used Pritt stick of all things on the bed.Getting advise is sometimes difficult, I post in several places, hundreds read it and then................Keep at it, if you can.

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