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    Selling 3d Printed and Painted Models

    Hello. As a quick explanation, I'm a professional artist who runs a small independent retail store, selling items I create that are themed around magic and RPG. As one of my expansions into the market, I'm looking to sell 3d printed and painted tabletop minis and statues. However, the issue I'm running into is getting a commercial licence to sell the finished painted models. I have found plenty of artists and modellers (mostly on myminifactory) that have a subscription service that allows for the commercial sale of their models, but those licences seemed to be targeted towards larger businesses or manufacturers who have the capability to move a lot of product.Unfortunately, as a small retailer, I don't think currently I would be able to move enough stock to offset the cost of the subscription. So what I am looking for is a 3d modeller/designer who would be interested in selling commercial licensing to some of their designs on a per-model basis.A perfect situation would be that my store can purchase a limited run licence to 3d print. paint and sell, a mode from a designer.If any designer is interested feel free to contact me and we could discuss options. This could potentially be a new revenue stream for both designers and small independent retailers such as myself and help get some designer's work out to the public.Thanks!
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    I believe the creative commons licence that most 'free' models have allows for the sale of the printed item.
    Just not commercilisation of the stl file.

    You could also argue that once you've finished the model and painted it, the value is in the painting and finishing not the original unpainted figure.

    If you are buying the stl's - then that's a different set of licences entirely.

    But for the free models - there should not be any legal issues in you selling the physical models you print.

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