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    Power loss recovery module wiring

    Hi.I am studying the connection of the BIGTREETECH OCTOPUS motherboardV1.1. There is a POWER LOSS RECOVERY MODULE WIRING, because I'm just learning everything, I'd rather ask. What module should I buy for this board. How long can the power be turned off so that this machine remembers where to start printing again?Thank you in advance for your great help.

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    Power-Loss Recovery This is something I have never done, one reason is because I have a pair of APC 2200 smart UPS's.
    However I found the above link which may prove helpful.

    Now I have not completely tested the length of time they it will operate.
    I did do some short tests, Plugging my 750 Watt Computer with my 450 watt Computer.
    I ran them for over 45 minutes with the drop of a single led bat indicator extinguishing.
    decided then that I did not need a Power-Loss Recovery method.

    The Chart Below estimates APC max running time

    Watts 300 400 600 700 Full Half
    VA~ 420 560 840 980 Load Load
    SMT2200 2 hrs 2 mins 1 hrs 28 mins 52 min 42 min 7 min (1980 Watts) 24 min (990 Watts)
    SUA2200 2 hrs 2 mins 1 hrs 26 mins 52 min 42 min 7 min (1980 Watts) 24 min (990 Watts)
    SUA2200RM2U 1 hrs 4 mins 47 min 30 min 25 min 5 min (1980 Watts) 16 min (990 Watts)

    Running a single 3D Printer 360watts my current run time estimate is 2 hours.
    Running both 3D Printer's run time estimate is not quite 1 hour.
    Most power outages in our area are less than this.

    When or If power outages exceed this time limit then I will simply add optional APC smart UPS batteries to accommodate.

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    Hello. I used to have a uninterruptable power supply(UPS) connected to all my printers so I wouldn't loose power. Then one day I lost power and the 3d printer stayed on. And so came the realization of reality. When the power goes out we do not need the printer to stay on. Hell if we have stored power and we loose power whatever we have stored could very probably be used for something of greater importance. We just need the printer to raise Z a few MM so the nozzle doesn't melt the print and to remember where it was. And so the power loss modules are really just a capacitor bank that stores just enough power to facilitate raising Z and remembering where in the Gcode the printer was in the moment the power went out.

    I have one of these on each of my printers. They make them in 2 flavors. 12v and 24v. The 24v has 2 rows of capacitors whereas the 12v has just one row of caps. Here is a link to the 24v model from the manufacturer's website: BTT UPS 24V V1.0 Resume Printing While Power Off Module (

    Once you get it and aside from the info you have there is a short but very helpful setup walkthrough right here: How to install BigtreeTech Mini Ups - YouTube

    And there is one last important thing you need to know about. Because this is a capacitor bank we attach to the supply voltage wire feeding the mainboard once installed every time you turn off the power the power stays on for a few seconds and then slowly turns off as the capacitors loose their juice. I can't stand this so I use DPST power switches and instead of having the switch break the line and neutral coming in from the wall I have the DPST power switch interrupting just the line to the power supply from the wall and also the +24v wire feed to the BTT UPS 24v. And the red light on the UPS stays on for a while because the caps are charged but there is no load connected. But the printer shuts right off when the switch is turned off.

    Here is a picture of one of my printers' power switch..

    And here are the connections made for the functionality I spoke of..

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    Please, since I have a problem with translation, I'd rather ask. You have a DPST switch that turns on the printer and at the same time the BTT UPS 24v. And when the printer is turned off, the power is turned off at the same time and the power supply to the TT UPS 24v is interrupted?

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    Yes. exactly.

    And I like to use bigger DPST switch that can support more current / amps.

    Like this one: 2 PCS Red Button On-Off 4 Pin DPST Boat Rocker Switch For 16A 250V 20A 125V AC | eBay

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    Thank you for the great help.

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