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    lol I feel your pain, i was born in yorkshire.
    And while i said I;d thrown the reel of grey/silver away.
    It's actually sitting on the floor behind me.

    I mean, at some poit I must have ause for 200 metres of thin plastic, doncha think ;-)
    When I started I had real problems with adhesion and glooping.. in the end I put a dehumidifier in the room and run for a few days, these a massive difference, I now bag them up after use, always dry always works.

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    Never had humidity issues.
    Just lucky I guess,
    that said in winter my workshop can drop as low as 11c and hit over 30c in summer.
    But there's plenty of air througput and that seem to keep the humidity to around 45-55% year round and I've yet to find any filament that has problems at that level.

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