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    Problem with bottom layer.

    When I print certain prints I have this issue with the bottom layer printing poorly. Everything else is good except the bottom and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thoughts?
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    It would help to know your slicers settings, and what 3D Printer you are using.
    Post Screen captures of the Display after slicing, Include the model showing model,

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    yeah that's definitely a problem :-)

    I can see a number of issues.
    1) z-gap is too large, you need to calibrate with thinner paper or adjust your z-axis offset to move the printer head nearer the printbed..
    2) overextrusion. in a big way :-) Check the percentage extrusion width of your first layer. It should be 100%
    3) first layer print speed - it's probably too high. first layers should be printed at around 10-20mms for best adhesion.
    4) check to see if you are printing a raft. If so, switch it off. for pla you should never need one.

    But yeah, give us some infomation to work with :-)

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    Do I adjust the Z gap with the calibration?

    So it turns out the main problem was i wasn't using supports but I tried with supports and it still could use some improvement. I'm using an Ender 3. Where do I check the extrusion width? My initial layer speed is 20mms.
    No raft being used.

    My support settings are Tree, touching build plate, support angle 45.0, pattern - zig zag, support density 0,

    Here's a similar file that I printed recently, better but still could use some improvement.small sized 3d print pic.jpg

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    Initial layer height - .2, top/bottom thickness -.8, bottom layers -4, infill density - 20%, print temp 200, build plate temp 50. print speed 50, retraction distance 5, fan speed 100.

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