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    which forex broker do you trade with?

    which forex broker do you trade with?

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    I spent a lot of time searching and choosing a forex broker until I got acquainted with fxpro review (updated) . Currently, the company is one of the most popular and offers a wide range of services: Forex trading, spot metal trading, futures, CFDs on shares; partnership programs; training webinars conducted only by experienced specialists and much more

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    You need to start your trip to the stock market by opening an account with a broker. A broker is an intermediary through which you buy shares, he also ensures their safety. If necessary, through it, you also sell shares and withdraw money to your bank account.

    In old American films, brokerage companies are shown as a huge open space with many operators, each of which is called by clients and asked to buy or sell shares. Nowadays, you don't need to call Wall Street to trade the stock market. Modern brokers will allow you to do all the operations yourself. All you need is to download a special program for trading, or go to the corresponding website and select the stocks you want to buy there. The purchase procedure itself is no more complicated than the selection of goods in an online store.

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    For myself, I chose the European broker RoboMarkets. It is a licensed broker that provides its clients only with the most comfortable trading conditions. RoboMarkets promptly informs clients about changes in the market situation and publishes currency analysis and forecasts
    This makes it possible to make decisions quickly and minimize risks.

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    I like platforms that work with FBS.

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    Is this foreign trading?

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    The best starting point is to think about what you are looking for from a broker. For example, are you looking for platform trading that offers thousands of financial instruments, or are you more interested in quick withdrawals? Likewise, if you want to trade high volumes, you'll probably want to stick with platforms which offer low commissions. If you're interested in FBS, I can give you a link to my account and personal account later so you can compare points and different rewards. It's not direct access, just a summary of the data. So you can compare some profit figures on my account and on yours if you have one.
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    There are a number of factors that come into play when considering which broker to trade with. They include spreads, margin rates, leverage and the trading platform. Here's a broker list to help you find the right forex broker and guide you through the process of opening a trading account.

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