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    Over extrusion despite E-step calibration with micro swiss direct drive extruder

    Hello Everyone,

    i am in the process of commissioning a micro swiss direct drive extruder. I calibrated the e-steps and verified the value multiple times with and without PTFE tubes/hotend attached. When printing a singe walled box i get a Wall thickness of 0.46 mm corresponding to a flow correction value of 0.87.

    That seems excessive. Also the e-steps of 140 seem very high to me (before it was 96). Any idea what could be wrong or are values like that somehow normal for direct drive?


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    .87 flow rate is pretty much my normal with a .4mm nozzle on my direct drive printers (custom built BLV CoreXY printers). With a .5 nozzle I'm around .91 flow rate and higher with a .6 nozzle.

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    OK, thanks for the input

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