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    I think I read it wrong and your wanting the sleeve to go over the nozzle then use a knife. You have to mind and use material thickness so your inside of your sleeve will be the outside of the nozzle. I see your tip has 14mm diameter at the top. if you have a 1mm wall then it will obviously be 12mm inside that then gets cut. Send me the dimensions that you want the finished nozzle to be.

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    nice - but all you need is to cover the cone part - you don't need the base parts. All it's for is to cut the tip at the right level and then cut the v into it.
    So the base of the screw on nozzle - not necessary.

    Looks good though :-)

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    I've made some more pics of the nozzles. The nozzle on the left is the standard silicone nozzle, the other ones are what I use. Currently I use the shortest one and cut it to somewhat the shape I need.What I want to make is some sort of shim that fits around the uncut nozzle and that helps me to make controlled and consistent cuts.If this works I plan to make a different one for the nozzle in the middle, with different cut guides for other glue jobs.
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    I have long seen something like that.

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    simply upload to your cloud and send a link and i will complete this.

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