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    how can i get my i phone6 to record all my phone calls automaticly

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    Welcome to the forums!If you want to record phone calls, the first thing you need to get is the consent of the people you are talking to.Automatic recording of phone calls is not possible. To record a call, you need an app from the App Store.

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    There is an application called Call Recorder iCall that you can try - FREE-Record phone calls for iPhone in the App Store. I think this application is best suited for you. I can recommend it.
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    That's what I think

    I have been using an iPhone for a long time and have seen many different cool applications. All they do is very high quality products. And I really like the fact that many cool companies make a lot of different applications especially for the iPhone. Found a new app recently, Beamer. A very simple and at the same time useful application that allows you to broadcast videos to your TV or Google device. I use it a lot.

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