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    What’s the problem with this print?

    Hi,I am trying to identify the problem. The print looks quite good, except the occasional horizontal lines. Is that due to over extrusion? I am using simplify3D slicer, printed on creakily CR-10.Empty shell, the wall line count (outline shells) is 1.Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    nothing visible in the picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by curious aardvark View Post
    nothing visible in the picture
    I added another picture. The model is supposed to be smooth. Do you see the imperfections now? The horizontal lines bulging out are not supposed to be there. I wonder what is causing it. It prints smoothly for about 1.5 inches, and then an imperfect layer

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    I figured it out. That's where the layers start and stop. The best way to avoid it is to adjust the setting in the slider software to start the new layer closest to a certain coordinate.

    For example in the print above, I set the starting point on X-axis to be middle of the bed, and y-axis to be middle / closer to the bottom. This way, all the layers start inside the model, at the bottom, and the outside perimeter looks great.
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    Where the nozzle starts at stop is called the seam. As you said, the best way to avoid it is too set where you start and stop layers in your slicer. In cura, there are options such as wipe distance, which can also hide the seam better, I am not sure what these are called on Simplify 3D.

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