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    sports club

    Has anyone tried to do a sports club?

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    Quote Originally Posted by levbigboss View Post
    Has anyone tried to do a sports club?
    Yes, of course. But to be honest, I prefer to do it at home.

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    Yes, of course. And I think it's much better in the gym than at home. At the gym you can find a wide range of fitness equipment that will help you improve your physical qualities, your stamina. I really like to do functional trainer with smith machines which I don't have on the street or at home. There are plenty of other fitness equipment past smith machines that you won't be able to install at home. That's why the gym is the best solution for developing yourself as an athlete.
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    The gym is a better workout than the outdoors

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    Nope, never. I am a big sports fan but prefer to watch it on TV. It is great that with the help of firestick i can stream so many different sports channels and don't miss any important games from around the globe. Here i found a great guide on how to stream upcoming NFL on it)
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    I really love sports, but I wouldn't say I like going to gyms, especially during a pandemic. So for myself, I found an excellent solution and ordered a simulator on the site It's great for home cardio and strength training. It also helps to strengthen muscles and is great for injury rehabilitation.

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