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    Ender 3 Pro not extruding

    My Ender 3 Pro stopped extruding after I swapped out the head. I replaced them with these:
    My filament is PLA and set the extruder is set to 200F When I hit extrude you can see the bronze gear that is supposed to push the filament just grinding on the filament. I also can't push the filament through but have no luck. My nozzle size is .04 and the filament is 1.75

    Any ideas would be appreciated

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    It may be that your tensioner is too tight. You should also make sure that all the plastic has been cleared out of the gears before you start extruding. In my personal experience, creality stock extruders are utterly terrible. I immediately upgrade to BMG on any creality product that I buy. For more tech tips, you can check out my blog.

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