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    Nairobi Student 3D Prints Infant Vein Finders for Africa

    A student at the University of Nairobi has created a 3D printable infant vein finder. The vein finder has the potential to be a major game changer within Africa, who is the leading continent for infant mortality rates. The 20 year old man named Alois Mbutura says he can 3D print up to 100 of these devices within one day on a single MakerBot 3D printer. More details on this device, which is still in the prototype stage can be found here:

    Below is a picture of the vein finder. Let's hear your thoughts on this story, and how 3D printing could eventually change the face of mass manufacturing and health care in developing natures.

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    And are the plans, stls and other information for this research effort posted for general use some where???

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