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    do you trade forex?

    do you trade forex?

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    In principle, you can use this option

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    I decided to start trading on the forex market and now I am reading a review about the activities of the multibank group in order to make the right choice. It is very important. After all, forex brokers are companies that offer traders access to a trading platform that allows them to carry out transactions in real time

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    No, it's not for me.

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    I am currently learning about forex, especially the different services or activities that I can use, such as in this page, I can use the mirror trade to copy the buying and selling actions for the different companies that one has in mind and not lose any money or, where appropriate, avoid large losses.

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    For an investor, the first place is always the question of the risk of losing money. It is very easy to lose funds in Forex. Everything happens virtually, the market often shows strong movements that break traders' stop-losses. The inexperience of the trader, his excessive aggressiveness should also be taken into account.
    That is why it is important for an investor:
    1. understand how everything works.
    2. assess the risks.
    3. evaluate the trader's trade (stability, aggressiveness, profitability).
    The higher the stability, the lower the profitability of the trade. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in several places at once, and not only in 1-2 traders.

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    Hi. Yes, I trade Forex. At first, I was skeptical about this. But, at the moment, my opinion has changed. I started making good profits. Of course, not without the help of specialists. I work with Super Forex online broker which also provided an opportunity to trade with ECN accounts. Such accounts display trading operations directly on the Forex exchange, bypassing intermediary banks. It is very convenient and profitable.

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    But for this you need to clearly understand the conditions under which trading takes place, and adhere to certain rules. For me, forex is a great opportunity to make money on the nasdaq index. In this I trusted the broker RoboMarkets. Here you can trace the nasdaq index charts to see how beneficial it can be.

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    In principle, you can use this option

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    Yes, but I started trading not a long time ago. And I can't say it was hard to start trading with no previous experience because all the info needed you can easily find online. And if someone here is a beginner, here is the site which I recommend you to visit. There you'll find everything for successful trading.

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