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    Specific dating sites

    Does anyone know a safe dating site for people with specific sexual preferences and kinks (fetishes)?

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    i think on tinder you can find all kind of fetishes

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    Try to do your web search, you will definitely find something.

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    What kinks are we talking about? Search for bdsm.

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    I tried Tinder some time ago

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    There are a lot of different dating websites but I really like one which is my favorite. On this website you can date with interesting people, to chat and even date. I hope that I will be able to meet a wonderful girl because my friend have found a perfect couple right there and I wish to do the same.

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    There are tons of those websites now. You can't know of the person you are going to meet is normal or she/he has some mental issues. So the question here is not really relevant. From my experience girls on tryst link where the most pretty. Also didn't have any stood ups from there.
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