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    Best ABS 3D printer available?

    I'm looking for the best 3D printer that will work with the finicky ABS material.I'm thinking about the most successful, consistent, hassle free prints with the least amount of human intervention (like bed-leveling). Not necessarily a large build volume.I dont need the most expensive printer out there, looking for the least expensive rock solid ABS printer.Which one(s) would you recommend and why?Thanks.

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    Here's my usual recommendation, as some readers will recognize.

    For your requirements of printing ABS, expect that the printer will have to be fully enclosed. You don't necessarily have to buy a printer that is constructed in that manner, although it certainly solves the primary consideration. I have a QIDI X-Max printer which is huge, expensive and fully enclosed. It prints ABS beautifully, although it does not have self-leveling (a misnomer, as most are mesh compensating, not leveling) but it has a fairly thick aluminum bed that maintains a level, tuned surface quite well. QIDI makes quite a few different models, you may find something in your price range.

    For the reliable, easy-to-use aspect, consider that many people have constructed DIY enclosures for the venerable Prusa MK3 printer (also MK2 variants). I've used an MK2 to print ABS without enclosing it, but used a wide brim on a small part. No delamination, no bed release problems. The Prusa printers will have mesh compensation over 16 points (older versions did 9) and generate beautiful results. Buying a kit saves you money and gives you a good understanding of the printer.

    Enclosures are simple enough. I've seen videos in which the owner used a cardboard box with a piece of plastic as a window. Others have used IKEA tables or cabinets.

    Prusa Slicer is written with the MK printers in mind and is powerful and easy to use.

    Prusa is not the least expensive printer on the market, but if you want reliable, easy-to-use and good results, that's my choice.

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    well if you've got the budget - stratasys make the most locked down and expensive to run machines around - but they are pretty much bomb proof and known for their use of abs.

    There are some really excellent machineds around with proper thermostatically controlled build chambers - but do you have a £7-10,000 budget ?

    A leapfrog Bolt would be My choice. I just love those beasts.
    But cheap they are not.

    Without a budget and some indication of maximum build size - it's hard recommend anything.
    Although an enclosed qidi would be a much better place to start than prusa.
    Do you really want to make your own enclosure ?

    It's a bit like saying: 'can you recommend a car for me, I prefer the ones that have wheels'.

    We kinda need to narrow it down a wee bit more :-)
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    your website link just goes to a standard godaddy landing page.
    I'm certaibnly not giving them any account details just to look at a webpage.
    you might want to fix that :-)

    Yeah the zortrax are good machines - bloody expensive, but good kit.

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    Well, I got banned, which really sucks considering I was literally just answering everyone's questions. I noticed the buy link for the zortrax that I posted has been removed, I do not know if you are interested, but in case you were and it is gone now, here it is.

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