On some things I am getting a really good infill and prints, but on other things I randomly pull from ThingiVerse or elsewhere that doesn't have any specific setting changes I've had some issues with.

This is a simply circle, with some lines on the top layer but the infill is coming out nasty.


Printer: Qidi X-Pro
Slicer: Simplify3D
Layer Height: 0.1000 (Trying for a super-clean finished product) (Is this too low, I assumed any setting is 100% fine, it merely determines the quality)
Infill: 15% - Rectilinear (Internal + External)
Infill Overlap: 20
Infill Extrusion Width: 125
Min. Infill Length: 5.00
Combine Infill Every: 1 Layer
Bed Temp: 75
Extruder Temp: 240 (PETG)
Cooling: 0 for first, 100 after 1
Speed: 60

Swapping to 20% infill and Full Honeycomb to test out real quick.