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    FAST Resin Printer?

    I'm using an Elegoo Saturn as my mainstay resin printer. I love it's print quality, I love it's build size. I love most things about it. But sometimes what I need to do is to print something small and simple at a much greater speed.Can anybody recommend a resin printer that has "meh" quality and "meh" build size, but which prints like lightning for under ?350.This would be while I'm using the Saturn, rather than instead of using the Saturn. For example, so I can print, cure and paint a half dozen WH40K bases and space marine shoulder pads while the space marines are still printing off on the Saturn.I've considered a resin printer, but having to sand and smooth everything is putting me off.

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    Look for a monochrome LCD panel type printer. Print times per layer can be as short as 1.5 seconds, plus the three or four to lift and drop the build plate for each burn. I'm not sure about your price limitations, though, but I've not paid too much attention to prices after getting my Anycubic Mono X at almost twice the cost of your upper limit.

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    you can adjust later thickness.
    Obviously with a resin machine that will increase the exposure time per layer.

    so kind of a layer thickness against exposure time balance.

    But what you're actually looking for is a carbon resin printer - but you can't buy them, and rental starts at $50,000 a year.
    So, maybe just but a couple sub $200 resin machines and use those :-)

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