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    *****mayday genius maydayyyyy****

    Model Artillery Genius, SUPERB customer service but still,,can you look at somethuing for me plz. cant get the lcd panel to work. Case fan turns on , blue lights visible from main board but no lcd menu available. Board does NOT emit the single "ready" beep. One red light also visible. I will attach a pic of my wire orentration, maybe im missing something. Lcd ribbon is connected to AUX1 circuit using pins AUX1 pins 5v gnd tx rx. Is this correct?
    lcd did comre on for a split second tho then nothing after, all this after board replacement supplied to me by artillery support after the unit I purchased was DOA. Can someone possibly shoot me a pinout for this AUX1 circuit?

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    could be a dead screen.

    Most touch screens use a single small gray ribbon cable that i can't see in your picture.
    The screens with knobs and an sd card rfeader use two such connectors and cables.

    But like i said, can't see either the cable or sockets in that picture.

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