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    Please help me fix this STL file

    Hi, I'm trying to make a 3d printing toy for my kids. I tried to add some texts by using Blender, however I think I've messed it up. I wonder if it could be fixed.
    Please help me, I greatly appreciate for your help. Thank you
    This is the link where I got the model:
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    Check your normals on the text. From what I can tell in Meshmixer, all of the faces are pointing inward on the outer portions of the text and all the inner faces are pointing outward. I attempted to use repair facilities in Meshmixer, Simplify3D and Prusa Slicer, but all of them fail in different ways.

    Your text is flawed, but I'm unable to determine how.

    Blender can be problematic for 3D printing. Did you use the built-in 3D checker that blender has?
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    Hi Fred_dot_u. Thank you so much for your reply.
    I did use the built-in 3D checker but the problem still occurred. I'm not really sure about the normals on the text that you mentioned. I have to admit that I'm completely a newbie to 3D printing. Could you tell me what to do in details please. Thanks a lot

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    I'm not that proficient in Blender, although it's certainly a good skill to have. Tell me what type face you used and what you used for the non-text items. Consider also to export only the text as an STL and post the blender file as well. Did you perform a Boolean operation with the text and the wing?

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    Netfabb Online repair did a bang-up job on the model, generating a 2.85 mb file that passes the Meshmixer test as well. I've found that Lychee Slicer will find some flaws overlooked by other slicers as well as by Meshmixer and the repaired model passes Lychee's testing nicely.
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    I think you can fix everything.

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