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    Pandemic. How did it go?

    What difficulties did you encounter in quarantine?

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    No difficulty at all. just rested.

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    I lost my job during the quarantine. I was lucky to have a little money to spare. But it ran out pretty quickly and something had to be done quickly. I took out a loan and went to IT school. Now I'm glad it worked out that way. It all worked out, I like my new job and the team is great.
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    I was in the hospital, I was sick. it was very scary.

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    To be honest, nothing has changed much. However, I finally decided to find a soulmate. I read pink cupid review and signed up. I've already met a great girl, I hope it's serious. Actually, I used to be skeptical about online dating but it really works. Just give it a try if you are tired of being lonely.
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    I was in the hospital, I was sick. it was very scary.

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    my isolation went relatively well. all the while reading about your favorite movies on the site I learned, for example, this: The Power of Love, which was released in 1922 in the United States during the Silent Film Era, was not only the first 3D film, but also the first interactive film. Stereo glasses with light filters were used for viewing, and the film was broadcast by two projectors at once. At the same time, the viewer had the opportunity to choose the ending of the film-a happy ending or a tragic ending: the choice could be made by closing the right or left eye - the projectors in this case did not broadcast the combined image. for the 3d effect, but completely different episodes.
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