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    pla lumps before printing with tronxy x5sa pro

    Hi, with my tronxy x5sa pro i have some problem when I start first layer. Before print first layer the nozzle spits some PLA dirtying the first layer and consequently the whole print. To overcome this problem I added some lines in CURA that print on the edges of the bed pla by cleaning the nozzle.Do you know any fix for this annoying problem? Does it happen only on the tronxy? Is it a question of the extruder?

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    Did you add some lines in the start gcode in cura, or manually as part of the print?

    Best technique I've seen to deal with nozzle dribble during warmup is to heat the bed to temp, but only warm up the nozzle to 160 or so, until you're ready to print. Then heat it up the last bit, do a prime line, and start the print.

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    I added lines in the extruder section start gcode of Cura. the code does just that.. prints a line at the edges of the plate before printing. Does this problem only occur on the Tronxy?

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    Nope. Pretty well all printers can ooze filament if the hot end is hot.

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    the easiest way to get round it is to preheat the machine before running a print.

    After a few minutes the filament stops oozing and you can pinch it off - I use fingers, other people with non-asbestos skin could use tweezers, paper etc. I just find fingers quicker :-)

    I figure I've got enough hard skin after 8 years that the tips of my index finger and thumb are now pretty much fireproof :-)

    One of the features of most slicers is to print either an outline of one or two lines before starting the print or just printing a line along one edge of the bed.
    basically what you did manually - most slicers will do with a few ticks anyway :-)

    The reason it happens is simple.

    When you heat plastic (or anything) - it expands.
    The cold plastic in the hot end - heats up and the expansion dribbles out the end.

    This is why a pre-heat works well.
    After afew minutes there is no more cold plastic to expand and the dribble stops.

    If I'm doing a number of prints I keep the printer at temp inbetween.

    That and the slicers pre-extrusion does the trick.

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