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    How to ditch that stupid micro SD/TF card

    I bought a Creality Ender3 a couple of years ago and still can't believe how something I paid less than $200 for does such amazing prints. I have two complaints: The least complaint would be the scrolling on the display. Sometimes it won't scroll at all and other times it scrolls past the choice I want. I can live with that. The biggest complaint is the tiny little slot that I'm forced to thread my microSD card into. I just hate it and don't know why they haven't upgraded to something better and offered a retro-fit for those already sold. I've seen all the different mods for using the long ribbon cable so that you have the micro end plugged in all the time (assuming it latches and it usually doesn't), and an SD card slot on the other end. To me, that's a pretty clunky way of fixing something though I may eventually do that. But what I'd rather have is a whole new board if necessary. Better yet would be a small adapter that stayed plugged in (the micro end) and actually did latch, and a female side that would take a full size SD or USB. Do any of you know of anything like that? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I'm 100% with you on the uselessness of microsd card slots.
    I just use these:

    Got three installed on three different printers.

    The other way to go is to upgrade the control panel screen to one that incorporates a full size sd card slot.
    The screens are cheap and if you're happy fiddling about with the firmware to add the new screen (no such thing as plug and play where marlin is concerned) - an elegant way to upgrade the whole system.

    Me I like cheap, cheerful and effective - so i use the adaptors :-)

    And if the little tab won't click into the socket - use a bit of 5 minute epoxy glue/putty or some ducttape to hold it in place :-)

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    Yes, I noticed those shorter ribbons just a day or so ago. That certainly beats the much longer ones. You mention epoxy. Have you had the problem with your ribbon cables not latching?

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    Nope - and if it does it's the fault of the socket Not the adaptor.

    The slot on my dirtcheap i3 was seriously dodgy, but once the adaptor went in - no problems.

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