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    Uber For House Cleaning

    A house cleaning app is an innovation in the industry as this allows the users to avail the cleaning service with just a few clicks. Get your business up with a personalized app. Partner with us for on-demand house cleaning app development. At UberLikeApp, we proffer the customizable app solution crafted with top-not features and cutting edge technology based on your requirements.

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    How about cleaning with bicarb soda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodrick View Post
    How about cleaning with bicarb soda?
    Indeed, there are many ways to use bicarb soda for cleaning and I found out about it only recently from an article. It was about 10 ways to clean with baking soda and it really helps. I like that baking soda is the ultimate natural cleaning solution when it comes to cleaning and freshening up the carpet and not only can it be sprinkled onto the smelly carpet and vacuumed up to dissolve odors, but it is also great for stain removal. Besides, I use it often for grill cleaning by making a paste with bicarb soda and water then scrape or brush it onto the surface of the grill racks. I love these solutions.
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