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    Beginner question - my second print is failing

    Hi everyone, I am new to 3d printing. I was able to set up my Ender 3 and print the test print it came with. It printed perfectly.However, I then downloaded some models from thingiverse and sliced them using Cura. I had the same issue every time, that the filament seemed to jumble up around the nozzle instead of getting laid out in layers on the bed. I tried layer sizes of 0.12, 0.16 and 0.2, and they all ended in a congealed jumble or amoeboid shape stuck to the nozzle.I made sure that I leveled the bed, and took time to make sure it was accurate.This is a video of how the failed print looks just before I cancel it - would appreciate any tips on what I could try.Zach

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    Good video!!! Looks like it didn't stick to the bed. Start by giving the bed a good clean. I usually use a bit of isopropyl alcohol, but check what Creality recommend for their beds.Then, if it still fails, try coming a little bit closer to the bed. It may not be 'smooshing' into the bed enough to get good adhesion.

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    what printing settings are you using ?

    First layer speed, bed temp nozzle temp etc.
    And is it pla or abs.

    Weirdly you will get the same issue if you are too close to the bed AND too far from it.
    And also if the speed is too high and the temperature too low.

    I'd recommend switching from cure to prusa slicer.
    Just easier to adjust settings and more logical to use.

    But the more information you give us -the easier it is to come up with a solution.

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