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    Anyone using/have used PolyCast filament for investment casting?

    Hello Forum,

    I am trying to find anyone who is using or has used PolyCast filament for investment pattern casting? I have seen the YouTube videos that are out there but most of them are pretty old. We need to cast some parts and I would like some feed back, good or bad about Polycast. Can you use it on a part that requires supports? Do the support remove easily. I have already 3D printed my pattern in Overture to make sure I have a good feel for how the pattern might come out.



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    There's a video on YouTube from 2018 on the subject, it wasn't that long ago.

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    I have not used polycast yet, but I have been doing molding with FDM parts just by sanding the parts with water to get a clean, layer line free look.

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    Polycast prints very well. Similar to PLA in many ways. Supports are fine for the initial printed model, but are not required for the casting. After removing the supports, you can smooth with iso-alcohol mist or with a brush. The casting guy can do the final casting prep with adding sprues where needed, ceramic coating, burnout, and casting.

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    Can someone recommend a Casting company in EU to send some parts for investment casting?

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