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    2D jpg to 3D print file?


    I'm new to all this and all I want to learn to do is take a 2d image adn use it to create an embossing stamp. What software would you reccomend t do this well? I've tried 3d Builder and it leaves the edges a little ragged and the depth of the lines changes whe I try to slice it.

    I've attached a file of the type I'm trying to 3d print.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    You have to start with something like an SVG file, rather than a bitmap (JPG, PNG, etc.) in order to create an extrusion. You can use Inkscape (free) to do a bitmap trace of the image, creating an SVG file. With the SVG file, the easiest program to use is Tinkercad, which allows you to Import the file, then set the desired height. You can add a backing to the shape and export as STL in order to 3D print. Depending on the size you intend to print, the thin lines in the middle will not print well. It may be necessary to make thicker the outer perimeters as well.

    There are other programs which will accomplish the same results, but are slightly more difficult to learn than Tinkercad. All of them will require to begin with an SVG or similar vector file, not a bitmap.

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    It's important to note that ScottB has already tried 3D Builder and did not like the results. The tutorial you've linked also shows how the resolution is fairly low and produces sharp transitions on the edges. Learning to convert a bitmap to a vector file is a useful skill for 3D printing.

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    flash print does jpg to stl marvellously :-)

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