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    CubePro Duo Issues


    Let me start with I know this is a discontinued printer and a got it for free so might as well try to get it to work right lol.
    So I have gotten the hacked firmware to work and have gotten it to start printing but the prints are coming out pretty bad.
    I've got it leveled and the abs to stick well to the plate. Is there any way to get it to print better? I am using the abs meant for this printer until I run out.


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    If the ABS filament is aged, which certainly is likely due to the overall age of the product in general, you may be partially suffering from moisture. Consider to dehydrate the filament. I use a food dehydrator from which I have cut away the internal shelf plastic. At the highest temperature, about 15 hours suffices to dry the filament without melting it. There are entertaining photos of rolls of filament in ovens that resemble works of abstract art!

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