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    Inevitable "what should I buy" Post

    I've been doing 3D modeling (Mostly props for video games or rendering software like Poser) and 2D architectural CAD for a couple of years, but so far everything that I've done is entirely virtual so I'd like to try my hand at making things that exist in the real world.

    I'm looking for a resin printer in the £1K-£2K range that's as plug and play\idiot proof as possible. Where you need to do the absolute minimum of set up\calibration and as much is done for you as possible. So that it can be used by people who know how to make models but with minimal experience of 3D printers.

    I'm ideally looking for something that can be brought in the UK, and where all of the parts\materials can be brought in the UK. Open source if possible so that I don't need to worry about a model being discontinued.

    I largely envisage this being used for small models such as Dungeons and Dragons\board game pieces, accessories for toys\action figures (upgrade kits for Transformers, and so on), or upgrade parts for warhammer vehicles.

    Idiot proofing is more important than ultra high detail.

    Any suggestions.

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    well apart from it being a lousy time to buy any electronic based product.

    There's not a lot in that price range - I mean there's loads for under £500 and a few for over £2k.

    The only one I can think of would be the new(ish) flashforge hunter machine.

    Ah hang on - prusa now make a resin printer:
    And for just under £2k you get the printer, washing station and curing chamber.
    So yep - that's what I'd go for.
    Prusa are famous for all the things you want.
    Company famous for customer service, open source machines, build quality and ease of use.

    You can only buy prusa printers from prusa - so that's the only potential drawback I can see.

    weirdly it's got £300 cheaper - both links are on the same page:
    go figure. :-)
    So at £1674 inc vat - as long as you don't need larger print volume - that's definitely the most user friendly one around.

    Print volume is pretty small - but that's resin printers for you.
    Prusa resin prices aren't bad either.

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    Prusa has been busy. I mean ya sure they got a resin printer, but have you seen this? Their new big thing???? THE NEXT BIG UPGRADE FOR PRUSA PRINTERS - YouTube

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    lol 'do you enjoy tinkering more than printing' - that's you, that it is ! :-)

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    And here's aa link to the other resin printer i was thinking of - NOT the hunter:
    qidi are a good company. This is a large print volume for a resin machine. Although it weirdly doesn't tell you what it is on that page.
    And it'sbrand new - qidi have discontinued the s-box and this is the new and improved model.
    So no feedback yet :-)

    The s box had generally good reviews.
    heres it's homepage:
    Doesn't seem to load for me - you might have more luck :-)

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