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    Coloring Wood PLA

    I want to build a printer that can print fully colored 3d objects. I was thinking to add an inkjet head and have it go over the layer coloring it with ink. Can wood PLA absorb that ink?

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    Most wood filaments will list what might seem like absurd temperature ranges usually between 200 and 260C and this is for good reason. By increasing the temperature, you can change the color of the extruded material. We use Simplify3D and experimented with alternating the extrusion temperature every 20 or so layers.

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    normal pla is actually easier and better to use for colouring.
    xyz make a printer that uses neutral colour pla and colours it with an inkjet printer head for full colour prints.

    Wood filament tends not to take ink that well as the wood absorbs the ink and wicks it away from the surface.
    I'm basing that on trying to use standard wood colouring stains.
    It just doesn't stay on the surface of the prints and looks blotchy and awful.

    So you'd be better off using neutral pla and colouring it so it looked like wood.

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