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Thread: 3d printing pen

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    3d printing pen

    Hello everyone, Can you guys recommend to me a 3d printing pen. I need a pen that can get as hot as possible so I can repair prints. I would like to be able to use it on polycarbonate if I can as well but will be primarily using it on abs, pla, and petg.


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    I can see a direct drive hot end being modified and Arduino'd to make the ultimate 3D Pen!
    Then you can probably print Peek if you wanted for far less money than a bonafide super duty 3D pen

    Otherwise I have no idea of what is out there for performance pens. I played with one of the toy pens my sister had and the performance was less than mediocre.

    What about a modified glue gun that can take either 1.75 or 3mm filament using a manual feed? Okay just an idea.

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    Haven't you ever had to repair a print or add some filament someplace? I have used a scribbler v3 for this and was using it for abs. I don't have that pen but It did work well btw but was wondering what other pens were out there. I don't have time myself to modify an existing one but I do admit that that would be the best.

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    I'm sorry if I came across overly facetious Michael. That was certainly not my intent. For the most part I do not repair models. If they have a blemish or somehow have a cosmetic anomaly they find the trash heap. Just another chance to do more printing

    But indeed you triggered my designer brain only in the request for polycarb printing with a pen. And my previous experience with a pen just said that they are too limiting. The scribbler is a good pen but a bit spendy for my taste.

    I also had a passing vision of tat-guns where I realized that our all-in-one hotends (non-bowden) are really set up to do exactly what you are asking. If you have a manageable controller handy, this could be a fun project. You can really squirt some plastic with a vulcan hot end for instance. But also understand that in recent months I've taken on getting intimately familiar with Arduino from scratch and your suggestion just sent the rest of my brain into overdrive. This might just make a good learning project even though I have no spare hotends... yet.

    Have you played with friction welding yet? Another interesting repair and joining technique using a Dremel. If repairs are under paint, I find epoxies easy enough to deal with. Even that is not my goto for my types of projects. I do tend to go for vibrant opaque colors and anticipate flawless prints... or at least very consistent as I don't test my models across platforms.

    Did you find anything that did peak your interest? Thinking of a particular budget?

    Oh, this is one tool I do use for cleanup of ABS: pimple remover...

    Flameless butane soldering iron without the tip.

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    3D pens are one of the latest innovations to come out in recent years. Using either thermoplastics or UV reactive variants they allow you to draw your creations.I have a Mech 3D pen that I bought for my son from Mechestore online. It is such an amazing 3D pen comes with many amazing features. I bought this 3D pen at just $36.99.

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    I have heard of friction welding and no need for an apology. Unfortunately it looks like they don’t make a 3d pen that gets really hot. I would be satisfied if it was in the 260 Celsius range.

    But I like to be able to modify prints. One of the reasons why I like abs is you can bond pieces with acetone.

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    have you looked at the soldering iron things ?
    there's one specifically for mucking about and post processing 3d prints.
    That goes from 100c up to 300c

    Or just use a soldering iron and make some heads out of copper sheeting or thin tubing.

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    Forgot about that. I can see the burn scars already

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    O what a pong!!!

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    I once ordered MYNT3D 3D pen for my son for his birthday. We followed the instructions exactly and could never get the motor that pulls the line through to work. Followed website guidance which led me to the advice to return the defective device. Well, OK, maybe we just got a dude. Ordered a replacement and I'll be, the motor on that one would only run in reverse. Opened the pen up, examined the engineering and determined that this pen was designed by Dopey of the 7 Dwarfs. So, I am not sure it is a good idea.

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