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    Phrozen Sonic Mini: Vertical ribbing

    Has anyone ever seen this before? I am hoping that it is an issue with the model or Chitubox and not the printer itself. The ribbing seems to only start from the actual model and does not appear on the rafts or supports. I tried printing 10 different objects at once and only half of them were affected like this. i resliced and printed the same models a second time and got similar results. I am trying another print with a different model to see if it is persistent with different models. Models were provided in STL format pre-supported.ribbing[1].jpg

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    you can examine the individual layers of the aggregate file that is sent to the printer. Depending on the output, rename the extension to .zip and extract it. It will be a series of image files that can be viewed one layer at a time. This will tell you if the file (and therefore the software) is commanding the failures of the print. This method may not work with all printers or software, as I've only performed this action twice in the last year.

    You may be able to use the Photon File Validator to load the file if it's in the correct format (or can convert it to match) and examine each layer much more easily.

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    I was not able to rename the extension to .zip and extract with the file time i am using.I determined that it is not the model it self. It was still occurring on different models. what is odd, is that it is only happening on a certain section of the bed and appears to start at layer x and end at layer y. I figure if it was an issue with the printer it would be happening through the entire print in that section. I am going to try an older version of Chitubox to see if it makes a difference. I have not had this issue previously, and only started a couple of days ago. I have not done any other prints since updating to the latest version of Chitubox, right now i am hoping that is the issue.ribbing2[1].jpg

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