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    Do you like to travel, what city do you remember most?

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    I have long dreamed of seeing the city of the ghost of Pripyat. I read a lot about this catastrophe. I advise everyone pripyat ukraine tour. Here you will feel the scale of the events that have changed the history of the earthly civilization, penetrate the power of nature, freed from humans. Incredible silence and feeling that you are traveling in the parallel world.

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    Yeah, Alaska is a whole different world! I`m convinced that everyone should go there at least once in a lifetime. Antarctic is still an uncharted territory, so everyone can feel like an explorer. There is obviously a bunch of ways how to get to Alaska but getting there by yacht till recently wasn`t really an option. Searching for the most convinient way to get there i came across Ragnar yacht website . It`s an icebreaker so you can get to Alaska by sea, which obviously is increadible! So if you`re considering going to Alaska, research this option as well.

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    Every big city has its own vibe, it's hard to tell

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    I`ve been to Italy a couple of times, always fasinated by the culture and landscapes. Unfortunately, haven`t really had a chance yet to stay in the area with vineyards.Recently I came upon,so when I get a chance to travell again, visiting Monvigliero Vineyard Villas is my first priority.

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