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    indecision between creality ender 3 v2 and flying bear ghost 5

    Hi, I'm about to make my first purchase.

    I am undecided between the two 3d printers.

    the first offers a better support and community (and maybe a slightly more precise printing?), more versatile, you can add laser engraving and other modules; the second does not have the support of the creality but a more robust construction, more modern the touchscreen, wifi, flat that scales less frequently, more pleasant appearance, quietness etc.

    Is the wifi to be added in the 3v2 ender reliable?

    What do you recommend? price of 290-300 for the ghost5 and 200-210 for the ender 3v2 ..

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    of those two - the flying bear.

    It's a solid looking build, as far as I can tell.
    It looks like a bowden extruder, but should be fairly easy to convert to a direct drive.

    Standard Wifi is pretty much useless on a 3d printer.
    I've got 2 with wifi - neither does anything useful.

    So it depends on the firmware on the wifi module.

    If you can upload a file direct to the sdcard and then get the printer to run it, via wifi. It would be really useful.

    But anyway - mechanically the flying bear is the better machine.
    Most of the parts are very similiar to my sapphire pro2 - but without the corexy.

    And as I keep repeating - to a large extent you get what you pay for.
    The ender series is cheap for a number of reasons. None of which are in the end users favour.

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