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It is clear I am among my betters and enjoying every minute! Martin, please forgive my questioning but here is an area of continuing confusion for me. When I go to the official Creality forum you cited, it opens with the item "Ender 3 Pro (V4 mainboard) Marlin201 - V0.0.5 (Default Firmware)" dated 19 Sep, 2020 being HIGH-LIGHTED, while just above it dated 20 Aug, 2020 is "Ender 3 Pro-4.2.7-TMC2225 Marlin 2.0.1-V1.0.1". Further, at the www. creality.com/download site is listed "Ender-3 Pro 4.2.7 mainboard firmware (32bit) .zip". Which one do you think I should use? In different places I have read that versions are often the same, or very similar, and that more than one may work. For some one floundering as I am, this constitutes fatal overload! Hope you can understand my situation. I am now checking the wiring and connections again and once I receive your further advice, I'll re-flash.
That www. creality.com/download has a .zip file that includes all the firmware variants.Of those, I'd probably try Ender 3 Pro-4.2.7-TMC2225 Marlin 2.0.1-V1.0.1, unless your machine has a transfer board, or filament sensor, in which case try the version that includes support for that.