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    Help with print errors please.

    Hi all.

    Newish to 3D printing and I have been given a Lulzbot taz 6 that has been refurbished.

    I have calibrated the extruder and flow rate but I am getting problems around the letters in this print for a stencil.

    I am using a 0.5 nozzle. 215C extruder temp. 60C bed temp. 2.85mm Esun pla+ filament.

    Cura Lulzbot edition.

    0.25mm layer height. 0.5mm widths. 0.8 wall thickness.

    45mm/s print speed. 45 infill. 22.5 outer wall speed. 45 inner wall.

    1mm retraction at 10mm/s.

    Could this be an overlap issue?

    It also appears when i am watching it that after movement where it starts it misses a tiny amount. I assume its after a retraction.

    Example where it started on the M.

    Any help would be great.

    I get the same problems on other parts I have printed before I did the extruder and flow calibrations.IMG-0453.jpg
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