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    BLTouch CR-10S Install (((my method)))

    Hi, If this doesn't belong here please remove. I'm still new to the site.

    I like most people fell down the YouTube rabbit hole watching 3d printer videos. Pulled the trigger on the BLTouch level sensor 3.1 for my CR-10S with Board V2.2. Thought I had it down as far as the install went, the sensor does NOT come with plug and play connectors (for the 10s) and in the videos I saw you have to make jumper connections (Dupont line connectors) to plug to the main board. I went out to my not so local Microcenter and got what I thought I needed. See pics below.

    So I picked this up, they didn't just have Dupont female connectors, so I had to get the premade ones.. Came home ready to knock this out...

    ^^^None of this is needed (Minus the shrink wrap) Allow me to share my late game light bulb on moment..

    Then it hit me.

    I de pinned the stock connector it comes with instead of cutting it off and soldering the new terminals on. the metal ends hug the jumper pins nicely.

    Cut small shrink wrap for each end and put them on.

    Ready to go..

    I have the V2.2 main board but I think 2.0 and 2.1 are similar.

    Put them on and they grab hold nicely, not loose at all.

    Easy and free, no extra headache to deal with if you don't have everything to just make things work. I totally could have saved myself a trip to MC but honestly I love that store so I'm not even mad! Any auto store will have wire shrink wrap.

    Hope this helps someone someday!

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    Thanks for sharing. I don't know how to do it yet but I will learn. Your advice is good

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