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    Fisher Delta printer. Bed level in the calibration but does machine need to be?


    I'm new to 3D printing and have an odd question.

    My fisher delta 3D printer is not level. I have checked several places on the machine as well. The desk it is on is level. I also cannot work out why it is not level either.

    I have calibrated the machine (as close as i can) so that it reads a level bed when it does its probing. Should the machine be levelled as well or will i not really notice the difference?

    Any help would be great

    This is the slightly newer version of the machine i have but basically the same.

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    The machine itself doesn’t need to be level relative to it’s surroundings. It does need to be square to itself, so the bed levelling is a good start. As for why the machine isn’t level while the desk is, that may be indicative that the machine frame isn’t actually square, but the bed level calibration routine has managed to fudge a result. Once you start printing you’ll probably find that out pretty quick.

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    basically as long as the bed is level with the probe - you're food to go.

    I doubt I have an actually flat surface in my workshop.
    Plus the printers feet might not be exactly the same, or it's standing on something at one side.

    With a delta you could attach it to the wall so that it prints horizontally. And as long as the probe says the bed is level - it will print :-)

    Okay, so now I'm thinking I'm going to have to see if my mini-delta will print upside down !
    But, yeah, you're good ;-)
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    Perfect thanks for the replies. I thought as much but wanted to check

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    basically as long as the bed is level with the probe - you're food to go.

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