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    3-D Printing at more than twice the speed !!!

    I have been following the progress of their new Super Racer Delta printer. They state that the default speed is set at 150mm/s. Can’t wait to receive mine !!!You can check it out on their web site and Facebook page…
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    well I have a 3 year old - basic delta that will happily print at 150mm/s.

    So nothing really new there.

    They've improved all the relevant bits: linear rails, better arm design, decent hotend and a good extruder.

    You'll need to optimise the bowden tube and feed path yourself. But that's just something delta manufacturers just seem to have no clue about anyway.
    Actually I honestly don't think I've ever seen a bowden tube on a stock 3d printer that has ever been in the right place or the right length.

    But yep definitely looks like a very good delta at a decent price.
    A bit more height would have been nice - but otherwise, very nice looking machine.

    I also like that they've used silent stepprs for all 4 motors. Most skip the one on the extruder. And delta extruder motors can run pretty fast when the machine's in full flow.

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