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    Question Printing Issues/Advice on Stronger Build?

    Hi there,

    To preface: I'm working on my models in Blender and using Cura for the printing

    I'm very new to 3D Printing and I've found myself running into one issue that I can't seem to figure out how to fix. I've been trying to print out some custom trophies, which I've broken down into 3 parts, the middle of which has been giving me a bunch of issues. It consists of three pillars that expand in size as they move upward, but repeatedly break off from the base when attempting to print, however it's very inconsistent. Sometimes it breaks early on, sometimes at the end, and sometimes not at all. I've attempted to fix this issue by extending the pillars base down inside of the bottom part of the piece, but that doesn't seem to have fixed my problem.

    Is there a way to strengthen the connections between the base and the pillars? I believe even just a little bit would help, as I have managed to get a successful print once previously.

    I've attached a picture of the most recent failed print, some screenshots of the actual model, and the gcode which I used to print.

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    Looks like one of my pictures did not attach properly, so I've attached it here
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    Based on your description, your problem may not be the design. If your filament is running cooler than optimum, the layers will be weak enough to create a failure. Consider to increase the nozzle temperature by 5 degrees C increments and examine the results.

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    Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll give that a shot

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    Another aspect to consider is when you post for help, include your printing speeds, temperature, material and any other pertinent information regarding that specific job. If your print speed is too high for the temperature, you'll get the same results as if your temperature is too low, as the filament moves too quickly through the heater block to reach a good temperature for bonding to the previous layer. When the job starts, and the hot end has reached operating temperature, there's a bit of thermal mass that is transferred to the filament. Once that mass is ejected/reduced, the next extrusion duration may lose the heat soak, so to speak.

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