Good afternoon,

I currently use Form 3 SLA printer to print a very small design. This has some success but I have read that DLP printers can have better success using the Anti-Aliasing feature. I am on the look out for one but wanted to try a print before purchasing to determine if it works before a potential wasted purchase. Would someone be kind enough to try my part using the anti-aliasing? I wouldn't know how to introduce the anti-aliasing feature other than a setting in ChiTuBox but I can learn how to set up my part in that way.

My design contains 121 cone structures of height 0.6 mm and width 0.3 mm sat on a coin of 10 mm dimeter and 2 mm thickness. I normally print with supports and not straight onto the build plate at a layer thickness of 0.025 mm, and it uses less than 1 mL of resin normally. If anyone has a DLP printer and is willing to help, please do let me know as it would be really appreciated.

I am based in Bath, U.K.

Thank you,