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    Lightbulb Needing some help on a project.

    I'm Sam, an 11 year old. I've been thinking on a project for quite a while. I call it the soap skate. It's one of those stupid simple little things that everyone wants to have. You know those times that you're in the shower, and you want to take a long, warm bath but you don't want to stay standing up doing nothing? I present to you the soap skate! You simply attach these to the floor and get your soap and do some neat little tricks! I want this idea to turn into reality, though. So here's my plan.
    1. Make a small model, simply ask my friends and family what they think
    2. if the majority likes it, i will actually make some models and try selling some and seeing the perspective of strangers.
    3. if that works out, bam! We know have an idea and soon, a team.
    I'm doing all this with the help of my dad which is an entrepreneur.

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    umm, well you'd be laying down in the bath not standing up.

    So do the 'soap skates' attach to the soap, to you or to the bath ?
    And what do they do ?

    The idea of people with bars of soap attached to their feet slipping and sliding and repeatedly falling over in the bath and splittign their heads open. Is probably not what you had in mind :-)

    Are these - perhaps - wheeled sjkates that you stick into the soap ?
    That would be pretty simple to make.

    I'm curious what you actually mean :-)

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    well, it attaches to nothing. the soap skate is the soap. have you ever heard of what a finger board is? It's very similar to that. we wouldn't be selling the soap, we would be selling pieces FOR the soap. here's a 3 minute image i made.
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    i mean maybe later we could try to design a soap that has more grip to the human skin, but more slippery to marble or something, but that would be more advanced and would be another conversation.

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