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    Creality Ender 5 Board Upgrades

    I want to add a BL touch to my Creality Ender 5. It is about 6 months old and has a Creality V1.1.4 board in it. My understanding is that this board was obsolete prior to shipping and also it requires disassembly so I can direct connect a firmware loading cable. And it is perhaps only 8 bit which is not clearly a BL touch compatible board.(NO documentation anywhere that I can see). Once I open up the board case I may has well put in the newest board --I guess they have quieter stroke stepper drivers and a boot loader so future upgrades can be done from the front panel USB port.I am assuming I can buy a 2.7(V1.1.5) board for this - it possibly is the newest board and compatible with the Ender 5 (regular one).MY questions:1- Does this sound like the newest board compatible with the BL touch and USB software load?2- Is it "plug compatible" with the present connector types to my old board?3-I am assuming compatibility of the motor drivers with the present Ender-5? Any books/docs on these boards and on the BL touch firmware installation would be useful. I get absolutely NO useful support from the 2 creality shops that I know of. It is a shame--the printer works darned well and they have all types of maintenance and accessory parts available which is the selling point for me.ThanksFritz

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    look on youTube CHEP and Teaching Tech. They can walk you thru swaping out board on you ender 5 Im getting ready to swap out my 8 bit for SKR 1.4 Pro in my Ender 3 pro

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    Thanks Bruce!

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