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    Should I terminate this print?

    I started a discussion yesterday at

    But can't realistically expect feedback to my latest comment from the USA-based author given the 5 hour time zone difference.

    Anyone here able to advise so that I can decide whether to terminate the current print run please?


    2021-04-02 12.38.29.jpg

    EDITED about 90 mins later:

    Too late now, but the answer was clearly Yes!Is the reason as I implied, namely that the model should have been rotated 180 degs around the X-axis?

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    anytime you're just making spaghetti - best to stop and add it to the learning curve :-)

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    Thanks CA, but at the time of posting the Ender 3 V2 seemed to be printing OK. My worry was because I expected trouble because of there being so little material on the base plate. But not sure enough to stop.

    My later edit showed that I was right. (Which, of course, now seems obvious!)

    BTW, is it unrealistic to expect the author to position the model (in this case the top of his box) so that the large top surface was on the base, so that the user doesn't have to do so? I finally learnt how to do it in Cura and right now I'm 50 mins into my second attempt to print it.

    For future reference, it's Friday 2 April 2021, 1816 here; what's your local time please?

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