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    Is it real to do sports at home?

    How to choose a set of exercises for sports at home?

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    The hardest thing is to motivate yourself.

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    • Choose your workout — Cardio, strength training or a mixture of both
      Choose 10 different exercises — For cardio, focus on exercises with different levels of intensity. For example, you might alternate a high-intensity exercise (such as jumping jacks or burpees) with an easier move (such as marching in place). For strength training, choose pushes, pulls, front-of-leg, back-of-leg, and core movements, such as squats, lunges, pushups, and dips. Exercise ideas: Step by Step Cardio Exercises, Step by Step Bodyweight Exercises
      Choose the length of each exercise — Beginners might start with 10-30 seconds or 8-16 reps, while intermediate or advanced exercisers might go for 60-90 seconds or 20 or more reps
      Get Ready — Set up a timer or use a stopwatch, turn on some music or your favorite TV show and start with a warm-up
      The Workout — Do 1 circuit if you're a beginner or short on time. Do 2-5 circuits for a more intense workout

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    It is quite interesting! In this article, they have discussed real to do sports at home. what is a gia diamond I like sports very much. I used to play basketball at home. It is a good sport, also football too.

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    Everything depends on you. If you have enough motivation and all required gear, it will not be a problem. My friends and I have already built a small gym in my garage. Also we are going to make a small fighting arena in the courtyard to train jiu-jitsu as all BJJ gyms are closed now becasue of COVID. We found some mats at Will see what we have as the result but in any case, our trainings continue.
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    • Choose exercise that you enjoy

    • Choose more than one type of exercise

    • Vary the intensity of your exercise

    • Choose exercise options that fit your lifestyle

    • Choose to exercise with a friend

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    I prefer to play too but mostly computer games. So, this time I decided that it is better to use which is a wonderful solution in order to play better and to achieve success in this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vatave View Post
    How to choose a set of exercises for sports at home?
    It's easy if you do it with interest. I bought a lot for the house that year. I bought to put tennis table in the garage, various rackets, rubber for them, balls, and for a year now we have not played table tennis with my son.No, it's a joke. We play and quite often. And it helps a lot to keep yourself in good shape. We also put on a basketball hoop. So you can go in for sports if you want.

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    It is possible but requires great self motivation. Concerning the set of exercises there are many fitness apps or Youtube videos

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