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    SolutionBuggy, #249, 2nd floor, 14th Main Rd, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

    Business Management Consultant

    Independent business management consultant looking for consulting projects, join SolutionBuggy, India's largest business consulting platform dedicated to MSMEs. We act as a bridge between consultants and industries.

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    That's great man. Do you happen to work with tutors as well?

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    Hey, Sherlie. What exactly are you looking for as a tutor. I found some really helpful tools to make my life easier when I started my own online school as a tutor. The thing is that most tutors don't know that in our current era it's much easier to work for yourself if you have a good reputation, rather than allowing employers to keep squeezing you and make tons of profit out of you. This was the turning point for me to launch my own tutoring business and get the independence that I always wanted.
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    Business consulting agencies are in high demand these days, and it is clear why. The modern market is so complex and challenging, and it requires detailed analysis to avoid failures.
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