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    My stepper problem...

    I bought a Longer LK1 about 8 months ago. I started having layer shifting problems. I've narrowed my problem to a bad stepper motor. I haven't had any luck with the site. I can't find one online either. I've even looked under Alfawise U20 with no luck. I purchased one I thought would work from Amazon. Not working for my printer.
    My question is...
    What other companies stepper motors are/would be compatible with my printer?

    Thanks, V.S. (Osogrande)

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    well for one thing when people think they have a bad stepper motor 99.9999% of the time it's either a bad wire or a dodgy stepper driver.
    Stepper motors are like cockroaches - come armageddon roaches will be riding around on solar powered vehicles driven by stepper motors.

    Check your wiring and stepper motor drivers.

    Most motors are interchangeable.
    If you bought another motor and it's not working - then that's a pretty good indication that it's a wiring or stepper driver issue.

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