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    First layer warping issue

    Hey everyone, happy Friday! I've been trying to print this bowl with little success. The first layer doesn't seem to be sticking to the bed, It's stringy on one side and eventually warps and unsticks itself completely. At first I was using a heated bed but gCreate (my3D printer manufacturers) told me that acrylic is best for PLA.

    I was able to print it semi successfully at first, but I realized I need to use a support structure so I used tree support and changed a few settings so that the print would come out smoother, unfortunatly now it's warping. I've been stuck for a while now. Hoping someone can figure out whats wrong with my Cura settings. I'm using a 0.5mm nozzle. I'm printing at 205C at a 45 print speed.

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    first off - pla works best with a heated printbed, anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot :-)
    65c work best.

    Second: what slicer are you using ?

    And how do you calibrate the printbed ?
    Ie: properly by hand or with a topographical sensor ?

    And, no you shouldn't need supports on that bowl.

    Your extrusion temp is fine, just looks like you're printing the first layer too far away from the bed.

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