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    So I'll give you photos. I'm waiting for the ordered goods from Banggood. I am currently ordering a board with a Stepper Motor Driver and a display from AliExpress.

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    Now I was walking through Yout and I accidentally found a video showing a disassembled stepper motor. I wanted to return to the video later, but I closed it by mistake and now I can't find it.
    When I replace the N5 Plus board with a 32bit S6 V 2.0 encoder board to control the printer's original stepper motors, or do I have to buy other stepper motors?

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    The stepper motors you have are just fine. They should be 1.8 degree stepper motors that have 200 steps per revolution. Down the road if you like you can swap the stepper motors for X,Y, and E with an equally sized 0.9 degree stepper motor that doubles the resolution with 400 steps per revolution. There is usually no need to do this to Z.

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    So I'm glad I would solve stepper motors only if you stopped fugging one.
    Thank you for your help.

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    I promised to give photos when I did some ubgrade. Linear travels on the X axis.Linear travels L.jpgLinear travels R.jpg

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